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What do I do?
Welcome! Barns and restoration is my business. Well actually I'm not limited to just barns. I actually do almost any kind of construction, repair, or restoring. Some examples of my work have been: horse barns, metal roofing, sheds, garages, restoring old barns, reconstructing old log cabins, well houses, chicken coups, decks, and most everything else.

*Restoring a large barn that was built before the civil war.

*Reconstructing a 200 yr. old log cabin and using wood pegs to make connections and specially tinting the concrete mud to give an old appearance.

*Consulting on converting an old barn at a major University into a pre-game hangout for alumni.

*Working on a pavillion that a grandfather wanted to build for family reunions because the memories he had of his grandmothers similar pavillion.

*Consulting on a subdivision entrance that wanted a "old time tradional theme".

*Reconstructing the barn that you see on this home page.  The barn is part of a family farm that has operated over 100yrs.  It had been crushed on the left side by an fallen oak tree.

How I got started
My father is in remodeling so I grew up working construction since high school. After working in some other construction areas, I started out on my own in 1997. I also serve as a firefighter in metro Atlanta.

I love working on outdoor projects. I love building barns. Above all, I love working on things that have real historical or sentimental meaning. I strive to customize each project to the customers specific need.

Check out the photo pages for a wide range of different projects.

Deal direct with owner
I do not use subs or send out a crew to do my work. I am personally on-site, hammering, and sawing on your project. It may slow me down and keep my business from growing larger but it is a personalized touch that I never want to get away from.

Always free quotes and consults

Its great to salvage these buildings from our past

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